Sunday, April 20, 2008

Always rushing?

From Simon Tugwell's book on prayer:
God invites us to take a holiday [vacation], to stop being God for a while, and let him be God. God is inviting us to take a break, to play truant. We can stop doing all those important things we have to do in our capacity as God, and leave it to him to be God.

I was aware this morning that Sunday lunch - which I normally cook was complicated and so planned to rush off after church to get home. For some reason I didn't and because I didn't, I discovered something - a problem - which because I waited, could be planned and managed. If I had rushed off I would have discovered the problem next Sunday when it would have been considerably more of a problem.
Then that evening, to Choral Evensong at St Michael's to hear Graham T on prayer as wasting time with God and hence my digging out of the above Tugwell quote. If we don't rush we can listen, we can think, we can pray, we can decide rather than letting events drive us.

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