Sunday, April 20, 2008

Always rushing?

From Simon Tugwell's book on prayer:
God invites us to take a holiday [vacation], to stop being God for a while, and let him be God. God is inviting us to take a break, to play truant. We can stop doing all those important things we have to do in our capacity as God, and leave it to him to be God.

I was aware this morning that Sunday lunch - which I normally cook was complicated and so planned to rush off after church to get home. For some reason I didn't and because I didn't, I discovered something - a problem - which because I waited, could be planned and managed. If I had rushed off I would have discovered the problem next Sunday when it would have been considerably more of a problem.
Then that evening, to Choral Evensong at St Michael's to hear Graham T on prayer as wasting time with God and hence my digging out of the above Tugwell quote. If we don't rush we can listen, we can think, we can pray, we can decide rather than letting events drive us.

Summer walks '08

Our summer walks will take place on Thursday evening this year, and will continue each Thursday until the last walk on Thursday 24 July. We meet at 7pm prompt, on All Saints car park.
Below is a list of the leaders for each walk and the name of the pub where we have a drink after the walk! We aim to reach the pub around 9pm. anyone who cannot make the walk, but who would like to meet for a drink and a chat is very welcome.
If there are any problems with these arrangements please contact Geoff Walton.

  • 15 May Mike Smithers
    Ryles Arms Higher Sutton
  • 22 May Laurie Brown
    Stanley Arms Wildboarclough
  • 29 May Robert Marshall
    Crag car park. Wildboarclough
  • 5 June Brian Gleaves
    The Old Park Gate Over Peover
  • 12 June Chris Campbell-Kelly
    Royal Oak Rushton Spencer
  • 19 June Maurice Hotchkin
    The Robin Hood Rainow
  • 26 June Pete McKenzie
    The Ship Inn Wincle
  • 3 July Alison McKenzie
    Horseshoe Inn Astbury
  • 10 July Phil Marsh
    Leather Smithy Macclesfield Forest
  • 17 July Jim Magnall
    Royal Oak Rushton Spencer
  • 24 July Geoff Walton
    Miners Arms Adlington
  • 31 July We hope to arrange a Car Treasure Hunt from the church car park ending at The Church House Inn at Sutton

I have a pdf of the leaflet - I don't want to put it on the web as it has phone numbers in it - I think there are still some left in church. If you want a copy emailed contact me (Robert Marshall)

Sunday, April 13, 2008


View from the stalls of this morning's annual district church meeting

Dave Mock and Pat Gaskell at a meeting at the end of morning service which I thought was good for sorts of reasons!